Brian Sanders

About You Family Medicine

Primary Care Physician

Business category: Healthcare/Personal Care


Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a new model of health care that some people call "blue collar concierge care" because it's like a concierge practice for the working person. By cutting out the middleman (the insurance company), doctors can focus directly on the patient, improving access to care and keeping costs down. For $75 per month you can have access to your personal doctor for all your primary care needs, including virtually unlimited office visits. There are no additional copays, deductibles, or surprise hidden charges. We offer flexible appointments to avoid missed work, and can manage most urgent care needs such as sick visits and minor injuries including suturing/ laceration repair with no additional charge. Additional advantages of DPC include: Extended office visit time with your physician, with 30-60 minutes devoted to each appointment NO WAIT appointments Same day / next day appointments “ always with a physician, not a nurse or PA Blood draws in the office, with labs sent either through insurance or done at a VERY low discounted price through our lab partnership. (Example: CBC = $3, Complete Metabolic Panel = $3, Lipid Panel = $4) Procedures such as pap tests, EKGs, skin biopsies, joint injections, ingrown toenail removal, etc (pathology fees are charged at a discounted rate). Telephone access, as well as texting, email, and video chatting In-house medication dispensing, with very discounted generic medications (usually 90% savings when compared to pharmacies) and avoiding a pharmacy visit. We're pleased to offer affordable, accessible, personalized healthcare to the Smyrna community.