Gary Hill

Gary Hill Network


Business category: Advertising


The primary purpose of our network is to advertise “local businesses” in the Smyrna community and surrounding area. Our secondary purpose is to network the “local businesses” that advertise and encourage an attitude of generosity, good will and sharing among our members. Our slogan is: Learning to give before you receive and secondly, learn to give what you seek...a saying by Deepak Chopra. Our Smyrna Guide is the printed expression of our primary and secondary purpose, and is the mouthpiece of our network. Our motto is to “advertise your friends” and represents fulfilling our primary and secondary purpose. The purpose, slogan and motto represents the spirit of our network and are the guiding principles facilitating the growth and expansion of our organization. Finally, the covenant principle, the principal of agreement is the first step in fostering this spirit of growth. Matthew 18:19-20; Amos 3:3; Ecclesiastes 4:9