Kathy Milton

Initiating Protection Law Group LLC

Operations Director, IP Law Group

Business category: Legal Servicies


Initiating Protection is a law firm focused solely on brand protection. From trademarks to taglines to cease-and-desist letters, we help brand owners identify, protect and monetize their most valuable asset-- their brand. Your brand started as a simple idea. Over time you have promoted this brand via marketing, word of mouth and outstanding customer service. Your brand is now an emotional response. It is the feeling your customers and potential customers get when they see your name, your logo, your store layout, your packaging, your tagline or anything else that uniquely identifies you. These items have value and are likely your most important assets; don’t let others profit off of your rights. At Initiating Protection, we specialize in identifying the unique elements that identify your company. These items are brands to you, but we know how to use trademark, trade dress, copyright, contract and related laws to help you understand your rights and often gain enhanced legal protection.