Roxann Smithers

Smithers + Ume-Nwagbo, LLC

Attorney/Managing Member

Business category: Legal Servicies


We are two women (Roxann S. Smithers and Nwa’ndo E. Ume-Nwagbo) who decided, after practicing law for ten years at different large and small law firms in Georgia and North Carolina, to harness their educations and professional experiences to serve business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. S+U believes every type of business, irrespective of size, is entitled to sophisticated and skilled lawyers. We know that smaller businesses and nonprofits like yours are always in need of good lawyers with solid training who can represent your interests – when you set up your business, when you negotiate the terms of vendor contracts with the big companies; or when you face yet another month of unpaid invoices by a client. So we left our respective employers and formed our firm in May 2012. We have the pleasure and privilege to wake up each day working with business owners like you to reach your highest potential.